Sourcing and product development

We closely follow consumer trends and monitor consumer needs to form a vision about which products and brands are interesting for our portfolio. We have an eye for innovative products and we have both the knowledge of the initial idea generation as well as the final commercialization of a product.

We see new product development as an ongoing process in which the entire organization is always looking for opportunities.

We are open to new ideas in the best interest of creating a successful and profitable market response to the product. We are up to the challenge and happy to explore all possibilities of business. Regardless of how good a product may be in potential, making a success of it, is hard work requiring detailed management and clever marketing. People will buy anything when the marketing, distribution and price are in harmony.

  • Trade Point BV provides insider knowledge of market trends with expert opinions from customers and retailers.
  • Efficient competitive sourcing in conjunction with internal product development will ensure lower cost.
  • Streamlining the product acquisition cycle will accelerate final product delivery.