TradePoint delivers remarkable products that people love to use, offering smart solutions for the everyday life. An important strength is the long time relationship with major retailers that go back since 1992. Throughout the years, we have learned to use all available tools to make a product successful. In the nineteen’s we were the first using DRTV (direct response television) as a self-fulfilling marketing tool to drive sales in other distributions channels. Nowadays TradePoint understands the online internet trends.

TradePoint’s target markets are Holland and Germany.

A brief history:

Our Mission:
Our mission serves as a standard to make decision and take actions.
• Deliver remarkable products that customers love to use.
• Inspire creativity, passion and fun.
• Make money.
• Keep it simple.

Our Vision:
Our vision is a guide in every aspect of our business.
1. Independency: Be independent by leading the process from source to sale, at the same time building a strong network with customers and suppliers.
2. Flexibility: Be flexible and mean is important in changing times to keep being a fast moving company.
3. Create value: Building brands and building databases creates value.
4. Fun: An essential aspect because we want to be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. Having fun in what you do is the most important reason why people like to work for a company.