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TradePoint BV

Apeldoornseweg 152

6814 BP Arnhem

the Netherlands

tel. +31 (0)26 3590 590

fax +31 (0)26 3516 415


Core Business

Sourcing and product development

We closely follow consumer trends and monitor consumer needs to form a vision about which products and brands are interesting for our portfolio. We have an eye for innovative products and we have both the knowledge of the initial idea generation aswel as the final commercialization of a product.

We see new product development as an ongoing process in which the entire organization is always looking for opportunities.



We have our own distribution centre which is situated in an industrial area of Kleve (Germany), just about 20 min from Dutch border. The warehouse has a surface of 9.000 square meters which we share with Multipack. At the moment Trade Point has access to space for 2400 pallet places, 200 sq m of production facilities and an office. There is also possibility to extend capacity with 1000-1500 pallet places.

WarehouseThe location of the warehouse gives us the possibility of 24 hours delivery to all customers in Germany, Austria and Benelux countries. Thanks to long relationships and good agreements with our shipping-agents we can deliver very fast and efficient.

We have developed our own Warehouse Management System and by implementing this system we are able to achieve the following goals and become more competitive

  • Inventory control,
  • Distribution control,
  • Improvement of customer service level,
  • Reduction of operation expenses,
  • Flexibility
  • Reduction of inventories value and increasing of assortment by mixing several products in warehouse.
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Full control
  • State of the art warehouse management system
  • Real time access to our inventory


For our after-sales we created Service Point, ServicePoint is the place where our customers can go to for all questions regarding after-sales service on our products. The consumer can register here for any service or repair calls in the future.


We see marketing is a team effort, the department works with the rest of the company to help determine the new product needs of the market and represent the company in a consistent voice.
The marketing department studies the market and the customers, determines the best way to reach those customers.

With creativity and knowledge we putvtogether our multi-channel marketing plan. This process involves four stages of action:

  1. Researching and analyzing our business and the market
  2. Planning and writing the plan
  3. Implementing the plan
  4. Evaluating the results


Trade Point is very well established at the mayor players in their home market. Trade Point has listings with household stores, Supermarket chains and Mail-order companies. For TV sales Trade Point worked close with Quantum in the nineties and from 2000 purchased their own media.

We have listings at the major;

  • Mail-order companies
  • Drugstores
  • D.I.Y. shops
  • Supermarkets/ Discounters
  • DRTV
  • E-stores

About us

TradePoint delivers remarkable products that people love to use, offering smart solutions for the everyday life.

Trade Point’s target markets are Holland and Germany.

Our mission:

Our mission serves as a standard to make decision and take actions.

  • Deliver remarkable products that customers love to use.
  • Inspire creativity, passion and fun.
  • Make money.
  • Keep it simple.

Our vision:

For the future Trade Point has developed four key goals for the business:

  1. Independency
  2. Flexibility
  3. Create more value
  4. Fun

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