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Balbo Smart Bag

The Balbo Smart Bag is a revolution in the Storage category.

The new Balbo Smart Bag offers a unique, easy-to-use and smart storage solution for household storage. By reducing the amount of air in belongings,Balbo Smart Bag INCREASES THE AMOUNT OF STORAGE SPACE BY 75%. With the Smart Bag you can store a lot more…in a lot less space. Balbo Smart Bag is the smart solution to create extra storage space and reduce household clutter.

Before using Balbo Smart Bag SmartBag Using Balbo Smart Bag

The Balbo Smart Bag range includes two different systems:

  • A household version that requires a vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the air.
  • A travel version that uses roll-up compression to remove the air through its one-way release valve. Great for travelling and people on the move.

Three easy steps

The Balbo Smart Bag offers consumers a simple and secure storage solution that has never been easier. The Smart Bag effortless vacuum seal makes it a breeze. Just pack, seal and vacuum down those bulky belongings.
With the Balbo Smart Bags it’s like creating a whole new wardrobe.
The re-usable Smart Bag keeps the house organized season after season.


Multifunctional features:

  • Creates up to 300% MORE SPACE.
  • Simple, user friendly storage solution anyone can use.
  • Protects against dirt, insects, moisture, and odour.
  • Modern design.